How to improve your social skills?

Developing your social skills will only push your personality and career up the ladder. Exhibiting confidence and free communication shows control over mind blogging situations that may come your way, it shows you have it all under control. This is what every employer looks for in his/her workers. Studies show that great composure and communication […]

Overcoming fear of abandonment

Parents mean a great value to children in their toddler stage. The love, care and affection instills value and great self esteem into their lives. Their minds develop knowing they are of great value and they do matter to the world they live in. Anything otherwise means  uncertainties and defective minds hence a sense they […]

How to reinvent yourself?

Often a time, many people feel like they are living in a bubble. It becomes easy to make a schedule for oneself and before you know it you are living in auto-pilot. It is quite common with the working class as they progress into their 50’s. A sort of fear as one looks back on […]

How to think like a millionaire?

Financial stability is what we all strive to get but having an abundance of finances isn’t that far off if you set eyes on it. Imagine walking into a store and you don’t have to double check your wallet or don’t feel out of place at that expensive restaurant. Well that is what it means […]

Body language for Leaders

Leadership is vastly regarded as a calling for only a handful, a notion so wrong in every aspect. And as a result the responsibility has been heaped unto those in positions of power and privilege to make life changing decisions. For many it is much easier to follow than crack one’s skull to piece together […]

How to groom my personality?

Inculcate Some Self-awareness Do you have an attractive voice? Avoid speaking loudly, it really puts people off, because it would sound like you really wish to hear the sound of your own voice! (even if that isn’t true) Cultivate a well-modulated voice. Pay attention to your diction. When you speak to someone, look at the person. Being shifty-eyed […]

How to play the perfect party host?

Make a list of everything you’ll need. Be organized, and get friends to chip in. Once you send the invites, either verbally, by email or hard copy, confirm attendance. Select your menu. If you like cooking, make a dish for appetizers or the main course. It’s a sure way to impress! Make sure to consider […]

Think yourself perfect

Feeling like nothing on earth?? Well, we have got some news for you! Happiness is not really about having a perfect bod and loads of cash(Though that can help!), But everything to do with your personal fee-good factor. Here are 10 quick steps to an instant attitude makeover. 1. DON’T PUT HAPPINESS ON HOLD   IF you find […]

To take or to not take – that decision!

Overcome that decision-making mind block When calamity strikes, people tend to go berserk, ballistic and due to differences in opinion, bilious too! Don’t panic—it’s the quickest route to corporate hell. Instead keep a clear head on your shoulders. You need some attitude re engineering: Accept the problem/emergency as a challenge Don’t be complacent Decide to decide Be […]

Brazilian Life & Society

Brazil is one of the most diverse nations of the world, teeming with people of various ethnicities and cultures. An influx of Europeans on their imperial conquests, as well as slave population from Africa over the years, coupled with the effect of interracial marriages and unity for thousands of subsequent generations, has resulted in the […]


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