Good working relationships

Great working relationships are quite significant to the survival of our careers. The amount of time spent at the work place is too long that one can’t simply afford to ignore the principle. The work place presents us with various characters, personalities, religion divide, ethnic differences as well as general opinions. How you socially and […]

Business etiquette

Not quite common but it does exist, business etiquette is basically about promoting harmony in the work place. It isn’t a set of rules or guidelines but basic social behavioral patterns that would keep the business ricking with conflict. There is no business school with business etiquette listed as a topic in their syllabus, but […]

Dressing Etiquette in workplace

One can easily scoop into one’s personality with one glance at the person’s dress code. Dressing is a window to your inner personality and you can’t go wrong here. Hitting the ground running earlier in your professional life will push you further in sequence. The work place is a place where the impression plays a […]

Coping with depression

Life is about ups and downs. There are those days so good that you simply can’t believe your luck, and then there are some days where everything seems to go south a lot. Then are stretches of days and weeks when you feel like there is a dark cloud over your head, just a constant […]

Creativity for managers

Creativity is the brains on which companies evolve from small scale to global enterprises. All global brands have their top management working around the clock to come up with new ideas to keep them above their competition. Most companies concentrate on the innovation sects because these are the most significant to the brand’s very existence […]

Power of law of attraction

The mind is quite a power house and if used properly, it could propel you to whatever future you once imagined. It all comes from the power of attraction. There is a lot one can achieve with the right attitude in one’s pocket. It is true that people are often caught in a cobweb of […]

The power of positive thinking – Tips & tricks

Mindset is the architect of everything you are and certainly the reason you have enjoyed the success you have to this day. Positive thinking is one way to push unconsciously for what you want. Whereas many people doubt the power behind positive thinking, the ones who have kept an open mind have definitely seen it. […]

How to speak English fluently?

English fluency may be the only hurdle between you and your dream job. The truth is that the language can be quite too confusing for those who don’t consider it a first language given to its much concentration on pronunciation.  If pronunciation and proper sentence construction fails then your English is adequately lacking and there […]

How to improve non-verbal gestures?

Relationships are built on effective communication. Good communication will do wonders in both your personal and professional life. Both the verbal and non-verbal communication should be used perfectly to send the right message intended. Unfortunately many don’t recognize the power of non-verbal gestures and how they affect their audiences. The truth is that non-verbal gestures […]


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