Tips for working with foreign clients

Doing business sometimes means going across borderlines. Global status is a vision glued to every entrepreneur’s mind. Geographical boundaries no longer pose any threat to great business men who look to expand their market base. The truth is that every business ought to enjoy this status once in its lifetime. There are many benefits to pushing out to other markets not just in monetary terms but also standard raise when it comes to production.


The prospect of expansion is always a hot subject worth meticulous consideration on the part of entrepreneurs. The fear to make bad investments is an ever loud gong resonating in their minds due to the constraints entailed in working with different cultures. Global brands today have understood the schematics and today bask in the glory due to their bravery. Your company is only a few years down the road with the right attitude and a few tips for dealing with different cultures other than yours. I will however give you a few reasons to transact business across borders.


Reasons why cross border business is an ultimate choice for new entrepreneurs

  1. Get better production standards; working or producing for another country will ultimately raise your production standards as well as raise the value of the product itself. Working across borders means adhering to new sets of standards of production which in the long term might help the business.

  2. Alternative raw materials; this is a great opportunity to figure out new raw materials that may cost a lot less or those of much better quality.

  3. Learn from competition; you will never know just how good product might be until it competes against another on the market. There might be something to learn from the competition.

  4. Long term survival of the company; economies crush every now and then due to reasons quite beyond you, having branches in different countries means that your company can remain operational even when the parent company goes under. Even if selling out is the option you have left, you will pocket a lot more than companies that didn’t cross the border.

  5. The next step is to build a strong relationship with partners in other countries. Working with foreigners isn’t all that hard if you have a clue about their local etiquette. Small things like passing documents over someone is quite offensive in Cambodia and getting to know these little details will keep you in harmony with clients and partners.


Tips on working with foreigners

  1. Learn the language or at least get an interpreter; some languages you pick up the more time you spend in the country and others are beyond your intellect. The most important thing is to know what they are trying to communicate to you.

  2. Respect the culture; things like bowing in Japan mean a lot to the natives and doing so costs nothing. Showing courtesy is according to study a legitimate way of earning trust.

  3. Respect time zones; understand the schedule of the natives and become quite flexible to their tune. Don’t hold a meeting in the time people are meant to go for prayers.

  4. Get a hold of all the legal facts; sometimes things considered legal don’t specifically apply elsewhere. Know the legal compounds of your business, without jeopardizing the lives of your partners and clients across borders.

  5. Convert to your currency; getting much acquainted with different currencies, is no easy job. However, it might be much easier to first convert the figures to the currency common to you before making up your mind.




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