Importance of social media tools to grow your business

The world evolves with newer inventions every now and then. Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors and its relevance quite undisputed. Social media was only an adventure for the youth a decade ago, but today it’s becoming a cornerstone to digital marketers to pump up sales for businesses all over the globe. Many have realized the true importance behind this line of communication and most importantly its general outreach. In 2014, Facebook reported a 90% increase in profit compared to that of 2013. It also reported a general increase of monthly active subscribers to then 1.35 billion people globally.


Your business today only stands a chance if this is an official channel of marketing. Businesses have shifted from the old analog format of product and service marketing and advertising which was quite expensive for small businesses. Today social media is a much cheaper option. With the right marketing techniques, you can bump up sales for that small business cheaply enough for business to maintain its operating profit. Many businesses have been encouraged due to the influence of social media. People have pushed for their once expensive dreams at a cost cut thanks to the cheap marketing at their fingertips.


So what are the advantages of social media as a tool of digital marketing?

  1. Increased exposure; You product may not be the great standard of global brands like Coca-Cola or Starbucks but underground advertising will help you break into the market and keep you operational long enough to see your dream come to eventuality.

  2. Generated leads; whereas social media could earn you some loyal clients within your social circles, with the right techniques you can as well increase business leads for your website. Get to find who potential clients are and work your way into their lives.

  3. Reduce marketing costs; cut back on those expenses and allow your business leeway to advance to another stage. One of those ways is to cut back on the marketing costs. Business principles require a business to keep the cost of production way below the returns.

  4. Improved sales; forget the old way of advertising which always lacked personal touch with potential clients; social media gives you that better dimension to know what each client really needs.

  5. Increased traffic; social media is a great platform to increase traffic to your website. The more traffic a website has the bigger its advantage over its rival websites. Greater traffic means your website is quite easy to find in search engines and the end result is more business for you.

  6. Get a hold of statistics; unlike the old style of marketing, social media gives you some good statistics to base some future plans on. Get a hold of how well your business is operating against its competition.

  7. Surveys; there is no better platform for surveying like social media. Quite easy to set up, undoubtedly the cheapest survey option and quite reliable because all the results are compiled for you.




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