Good working relationships

Great working relationships are quite significant to the survival of our careers. The amount of time spent at the work place is too long that one can’t simply afford to ignore the principle. The work place presents us with various characters, personalities, religion divide, ethnic differences as well as general opinions. How you socially and professionally relate with these different people gives your employers a better outlook on the type of person you might be. The first day at the work place has most people going out of their ways to bond with their new colleagues but success on all fronts is never a guarantee.

Building strong bonds with colleagues involve compromising, keeping a cool head in the most testing of times. Whereas human beings are naturally social beings, there is a thirst to get on well with others until our egos get in the way. This animal instinct is the reason teamwork is always placed above individualism any day of the week due to the package this comes with. Teamwork is a guarantee for increased creativity, improved decision making and implementation at the work place. There is greater need on the part of employers to get in only people with better relationship building skill set.

Good working relationships with workmates mean great work experience rather than battlefields of egos which often result into loss of jobs and career suicide (poor decision making like quitting). So how can you clump down on this factor before it starts to affect your career?

Tips on how you can build better working relationships at the work place

  1. Effective communication; the fuel to any relationship is effective communication. You won’t bond with anyone if you simply can’t communicate with them in the most effective ways. Ensure to remain honest and professional as you talk to your colleagues. Try to listen even when you aren’t interested in what workmates try to pass unto you.
  2. Respect your workmates; often the number one rule people always forget but it is a line you shouldn’t cross if you have a vision for your career. No one loves a nosy person. Therefore try to mind your business as well as keep out of other people’s personal space. Treat people professionally regardless of their status to the organization.
  3. Trust; trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship whether professional or personal. Trust helps you communicate freely and effectively with colleagues because it makes you a little more honest in your thoughts as well as actions.
  4. Remain mindful at all times; not all conversions that appeal to you appeal to your colleagues so study your audience or keep a lid on those thoughts if you aren’t certain of the standing of your workmates.
  5. Embrace diversity; people have different personalities and embracing this fact is the first step to building a better working relationship with them. Try looking at the positives more than the negatives. Different opinions give you a different perspective on life and work.




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