Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence is a growing term in today’s office. Many employers are looking for workers willing to play in a team setting and posses extra qualities such as self control, perseverance. Emotional intelligence first came to the work place in the late 90’s following a publication “Emotional Intelligence”. Most business owners found the book quite an intrigue due to the elaborate ways their employees could increase productivity thanks to these qualities. Employees today understand the importance of getting along with colleagues as well as being themselves unlike the past when many took on a whole new persona to impress their bosses.


Employees with emotional intelligence are more receiving of change and are much more flexible. There is a growing need of these in the work places around the world today. It doesn’t matter how long a list your Curriculum Vitae is. If certain emotional qualities are lacking then you don’t stand a chance in today’s work place. Leaders in the work place are banking on these qualities to create a stand out organization with team work at the forefront. There is a big return of increased productivity for the employers as well as harmony and feeling of value for the employees.


Employers are stringently looking for these qualities in applicants and hope that this emotional intelligence factor gets them across the line by making their workers more productive in the work place. So how can you prove that you are a good fit for the job in question, do you have the necessary emotional intelligence to work at the firm or organization you so desire?


Factors to prove you have emotional intelligence

  1. Motivation; quite a viable factor especially if you have a sales job in sight. Emotionally intelligent people are quite self motivated. They are flexible to any existing constraints on their goals and keep positive, resilient and optimistic at all times.

  2. Responsiveness; studying your strengths and weakness as well as those of others’ give you the edge over others. People with this quality understand how to take criticism and take on pressure in those defining moments at the office.

  3. Empathy; an emotionally intelligent person knows the great importance of empathy and so does any employer. Empathy helps one connect with others on an emotional level, it may be clients or work colleagues. It often means that you can do your job quite well with consideration of other people’s feelings.

  4. Self-control; quite an important attribute many employers are often looking for in their workers. It is simply a guarantee that acts like corporate treason or bribery will be kept out of the office. If this is your strong suite then you can work anywhere in the world.

  5. People management; understanding those around you on first glimpse means you can extinguish any feud that may result due to feelings of dissatisfaction or desertion. It is often a quality found in hoteliers, bank supervisors/managers. Their ability to dissolve pressure is simply amazing and a nice quality to have up your sleeve.




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