Dressing Etiquette in workplace

One can easily scoop into one’s personality with one glance at the person’s dress code. Dressing is a window to your inner personality and you can’t go wrong here. Hitting the ground running earlier in your professional life will push you further in sequence. The work place is a place where the impression plays a very big role in one’s career. A proper dress code will leave an everlasting impression on your colleagues and your employers. Studies show that shabbiness is a contributing factor to one failing to hit initial career goals.

Etiquette is a pattern of acceptable conduct in a particular community. It helps one keep within the bounds to deter misunderstandings and conflict; it helps people behave in a socially responsible way around each other. Different stages of life may impact one’s way of dressing, you may have favored hoods over coats during your time in college but now find suites quite intriguingly beautiful.

Shorts, jeans, hoods, sleeveless t-shirts are often a no-go area for the work place. Your persistence for any of the above dress code means you getting confused for the janitor or tech guy. Whereas comfort is a strong factor worth considering as one finds appropriate attire, certain margins of error are life-defining.

  • Tips on improving one’s official attire

Your failure to fit in at your work place may be the result of poor dress code. The dress code highly impacts one’s social life and builds towards career success.

  1. Comfort; One of the most important factors to always keep in mind as you go shopping is comfort. People often buy clothes and fail to give them a run due to a compatibility issue. Buy clothes that speak work but also those you will feel comfortable to stroll into the work place.
  2. Color; Quite a defining factor if you plan to pull off the coup. Try to stick to simple colors such as black, grey and navy blue for men. Women on the other hand can try the more colorful attire.
  3. Coordination; Your entire outlook can be outdone by one piece of poor coordination. Make sure the color of scarves, ties and shoes complements the attire.

  • Dress etiquette for men

  1. Men should just combine a simple shirt with trousers. All that is required is proper coordination of color.
  2. The shirt should be properly tucked into the trousers
  3. Make sure the socks coordinate well with the trousers and shoes
  4. Don’t roll up your sleeves; you rather wear a short sleeved shirt.
  5. Personal cleanliness is all but a bonus on your personality. Shave and cape your hair as often as required. Bad odor is bad for business and will get you nowhere.

  • Dress etiquette for women

  1. Don’t let jewelry overshadow your attire. Women often like over complicating good attire with big jewelry. Keep it simple and complementing.
  2. Avoid revealing attire. Too much skin isn’t a good idea for office wear, stick to clothes that fit best.
  3. Keep it natural. Whereas the fake lashes, nails and nose rings may work on the run way, they are a stumbling block to people taking you serious.
  4. Compliment your look with the right handbag, shoes. Choose the appropriate size and color of handbag to fit your look.



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