Managing stress in the workplace

Stress is a word not alien to anyone who has ever held a job. Certain expectations and deadlines just get to you in all the ways possible making you feel like you want to pull your hair from your scalp. In times like these, I imagine banging my head against the wall with loud core rock music playing in the background. Whereas work stress is quite a common delicacy for job holders, it can be very problematic and a reasonable cause for any future failures in one’s career. It breaks productivity and limits innovation rates in the office.


Many people feel the pressure resonating from above just about how valuable they might be to the organization. This means that they have to constantly prove their worth or ultimately get replaced in the long run when they don’t meet expectations. This pressure is quite common everywhere on the globe and the statistics back this argument. In a 2012 report by American Psychological Association, 65% of Americans gave work as a major contributor to their stress. So many people don’t have any clue on how to keep the lid tight on those demands that these problems become a chronic center piece of our social lives.


The fact is stress in any form is an interruption into our normal lives. You start to keep away from people you once loved to be around, you adopt new patterns of life like heavy drinking to help keep your mind off the deep seeded problems lingering at your office desk. There are a few ways to cut back on your work struggles to help keep you keep you better connected with friends and family.


Tips to help you cope with work stress

  1. Take a breather; the one reason for your feeling overwhelmed with work and deadlines is probably because you haven’t caught a break yourself. Some people move project to project without giving themselves enough rest. Giving your schedules a few intervals will save you from feeling the chronic side of work stress.

  2. Pin down what might be the cause; a journal or diary of your schedule will give you a good idea of areas to go easy on. Knowing the root cause of your stress will give you an alert of what chores to properly manage without breaking down due to the stress anticipated as a result.

  3. Recognize warning signs; feeling overwhelmed at work takes our personalities to a whole new setting. Knowing that state will give you a heads up and then you will take necessary steps to curb down on it.

  4. Take back control; work stress often clumps down our confidence and creates a feeling of powerlessness. Accepting that there situations beyond your control will give you a better perspective to life generally. It will teach to cool down even when a storm beyond your control is brewing. Do some meditation and deep breathing to help you get back some control.

  5. Better responsiveness to stress; people often sink themselves into alcohol or unusual eating to help them cope but these are very bad ideas because they don’t actually help with the problem. They are simply a temporary distraction. Do some light exercises, yoga and also find some time to do those hobbies to calm you down.




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