Creativity for managers

Creativity is the brains on which companies evolve from small scale to global enterprises. All global brands have their top management working around the clock to come up with new ideas to keep them above their competition. Most companies concentrate on the innovation sects because these are the most significant to the brand’s very existence in the first place. Today companies aren’t just looking for creative artists to notch up their brands; they seek equally creative managers to run things at the top.

Creativity can be defined as one’s ability to create something novel and appropriate. Companies believe in the rhythmic flow across all sectors of production and this very thinking has compelled them to take serious consideration into managerial qualities such as creativity. This has been seen as a possible solution to quick decision making as well as effective production without strain due to misunderstandings within the company. Managers are expected to put their Midas touch to their sectors such as brand building for start-ups and effective marketing for the already established global brands. Creativity is now a means to find solutions to pre-existing problems in different sectors.

Top brands believe in collective creativity which reduces the risk of poor intuition but cuts down the levels of creativity. They simply sub-divide the company to different sectors under different creative managers. These very managers sit and discuss new ideas before they are presented to the board. Whereas creativity could be a personal attribute, it might as well be picked up due to great exposure. There are many ways one could polish his creativity whilst in the field. So how does one build on his creativity at the work place?

  • Gun for exposure from those with creative wells

Sometimes the best way of learning to do something is through seeing different approaches from those in better positions of command. A good manager is that one willing to learn from his underlings. Sometimes employees may have better solutions to problems and you picking their minds would make you a good creative manager.

  • Get involved in the creative process

Your opinions may be just as brilliant as those of your subordinates. Good managers no longer fold their arms in wait of a final masterpiece for which to provide executive powers to make it all happen. They have to indulge in the creative process due to their wide perspective on other contingent factors such as market preferences or health risks. Companies prefer it this way to prevent the loss of money in the initial stages of a trial production due to skipped factors.

  • Promote teamwork and enable group collaboration

A decade or so ago had lone geniuses running the show but today has seen companies prefer a communal approach to creativity implosion. They look to increase accuracy in idea realization. As a manager, one should look to work off the creative juices of the entire group; getting everyone’s opinion and putting it into perspective to define its applicability.

  • Find the perspective in your decision making

Your failure to find solutions to some of the existing problems may be quite because you didn’t consider all possible solutions. Some managers have routine rooted in their minds that they overlook all possible solutions that would otherwise dig them out of the dilemma. Run through the all schematics to find that works to eradicate the problem.



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