Business etiquette

Not quite common but it does exist, business etiquette is basically about promoting harmony in the work place. It isn’t a set of rules or guidelines but basic social behavioral patterns that would keep the business ricking with conflict. There is no business school with business etiquette listed as a topic in their syllabus, but these are wildly agreed upon business rules of engagement. Business etiquette was meant to take into consideration the interests and feelings of other workmates in the office thereby creating peace and making the office a safe space for the employees as well as the employers.

  • Some common business etiquette rules

Business etiquette rules vary from country to country but some do stand out. Here are some of the business etiquette worth your attention as you go about your business at the work place.

  1. Character

How one carries oneself is quite pivotal to how far they go up the career ladder. Character is what people use to define you, therefore try to tone down the negatives while emitting the positives every single day at work. This way your personality will grow on your colleagues making you a lovable partner at the work place.

  1. Courteous display

Humility and courteous behavior will do you a lot more favors than you can take. The truth is everyone loves a down to earth work colleague because they are easy to talk to. Knowing when to say words like “sorry”, “thank you” and “please” is quite vital to push you further down the road of your career.

  1. Remember your colleagues’ names

People often take offence at not being called by name. As a work colleague, find out their names and often use these to communicate with them. It makes them feel important while making you seem considerate hence increasing their self esteem.

  1. Award people the attention when speaking to them

Many have the habit of typing on the computers as they interact with colleagues. This never goes down well with them. Another common habit is staring at one’s phone as you talk to a colleague. Maintain eye contact when in active interaction with a colleague or subordinate, it is a sign of respect.

  1. Avoid taking sides

It isn’t uncommon for the office to be split on one topic thanks to an argument between colleagues. How you deal with these will ultimately save your career. Try maintaining an impartial instance in the heat of the argument which will save you from the “tornado” sucking you in. Taking a side means creating enemies with the other side which is never good for business.

  1. Try understand the other side of logic

Ideas vary in the office which means some will get thrown out the window at the end of the referendum. If the one thrown out happens to be your idea, then move quickly to understand the option and give it your best go.

  1. Keep a professional standing at all times

Your walk around the office must maintain a professional theme starting with your dress code, your body language and interactions with colleagues. Share light moments such as birthday and holiday greetings but don’t let it all spin out of control.



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