The art of effective communication

Effective communication is a pot of gold that could suddenly change your life forever. Being able to drive the point home is such a huge bonus to one’s career. Effective communication is the most important life skill and one of the ways to build strong bonds with work colleagues. Effective communication doesn’t just confine to spoken communication. It goes way beyond spoken. You must be able to express yourself in all possible ways such as written and gestures. Companies often look out for those with great communication skills because they believe their message will not deteriorate before it reaching its clients and partners.


Communication refers to the act of transferring of information from one place to another whether vocally, written (through magazines, newspapers, and memos), visual display (through logos, maps, graphs and statistical compendia). Companies are not just looking to bridge the communication gap; they are looking to do it effectively. The benefits of effective communication aren’t as compound as one might think; they are pretty much straight forward. They include the following;


Benefits to effective communication

  1. Effective outreach; if a message is conceived differently by so many people then all you have done is failed to drive the point home. Refocusing this part of your skills means reaching a wider audience and leaving them in the state of mind.

  2. Building and strengthening relationships; some of the misunderstandings that quell relationships are sometimes due poor communication. Effective communication ensures the point is understood.

  3. Saves time and resources; so many resources are wasted in making information much more plausible which doesn’t have to be the case. Effective communication bridges this gap entirely.

  4. As one climbs up the career ladder, they start to understand just how important effective communication is to their ambition. Employers rank communication skills highest among job candidate must have skills. So getting in line with this thinking may be the only way to further one’s career. A few tips to help you make your communication more effective.

  5. Speak your mind; people often use a lot of words to explain one thing. Try to use few direct words that aren’t so broad in their meaning. Using a lot of words can create a cloud of confusion in one’s audience due to elaborate meanings attached to words used.

  6. Keep positive; everyone hates critiques that don’t have solutions. Therefore instead of “don’t do this or that” give the alternative without the pessimism. Direct communication is much more effective.

  7. Appraise less; there are so many ways to critique without going all guns blazing. You may have quite a valid point but poor molding costs you down the road. The reason arguments get so heated these days all comes down poor execution. Example; instead of “I left you six messages” , use “For a moment I thought I had the wrong contact”

  8. Be confident; sometimes we can’t find the right words all comes down to the confidence aspect. Studies show that people with confidence are often more effective communicators.

  9. Use simple language; one of the reasons people don’t understand your message is probably because of your fixation on the core side of the language. Not everyone has a grip on the language. Effective communication means people understanding what you are saying without having to look up words you might have used.




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