How to think like a millionaire?

Financial stability is what we all strive to get but having an abundance of finances isn’t that far off if you set eyes on it. Imagine walking into a store and you don’t have to double check your wallet or don’t feel out of place at that expensive restaurant. Well that is what it means to have the money where you want it and that is a feeling you as well can experience. Quite a great feeling but it isn’t cheap. It takes a few painstaking moves prior.  Money creates dominance over those situations that prove to be quite difficult in its absence and that power alone is a glorious feeling. Truth is that 90% of the problems that face humanity could be easily swiped aside with the right amount.

See the irony in the fact that one family in a third world country is on the brink of starvation where as another in the same nation worries about which meal they would rather have. My point is that money doesn’t always eliminate problems and difficulties but it tunes down their magnitude. In the daily walk, millionaire status is very much appealing to every living soul. Getting there however is long a walk but for starters start to think like one and one day you may just be one.

  • Save

That loose change you get from the supermarket may buy you that dream car if your money management skills are in tip-top shape. Putting it aside to accumulate until it is size-able enough to buy an actual item will save you that same amount which in turn you put somewhere else. It sounds thrifty an idea but the richest men understand the meaning of micro-units and until you emulate this idea, you won’t share their luck.

  • Change your mentality

You are exactly what you think of yourself, positive thinking will get you so far. Start seeing yourself as a millionaire and you might just end up as one. The mind is a good place to start with any changes; if you want to see any of your dreams come to reality.

  • Control your spending

Quite weird that the world’s richest men don’t lurk in the same expenditure margin as the middle class and some lower class individuals, it is because they understand the mechanics that got them there. Money offers the temptation to spend it, trying to further your appetite for the latest gadgets or clothes. The only problem with this is that a few weeks later there will be a better version and your cycle of spending will only get worse. Spend on your desires but take some time before breaking the bank for the next masterpiece.

  • Invest once in a while

There is a tendency to change lifestyle as your income increases but have you ever thought of putting some money into those good ideas you once wanted to do when you finally “Got money”. Investing is another way of increasing your income but proper research will save your money from going down the drainage. Do your homework before putting in the money.

  • Read more and keep up to date

The tabloids give you an insight of what is trending and how you could use it to turn a buck. Public opinion is very important if you plan to be a millionaire. Know the market place, prices and potential competition.



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