How to speak English fluently?

English fluency may be the only hurdle between you and your dream job. The truth is that the language can be quite too confusing for those who don’t consider it a first language given to its much concentration on pronunciation.  If pronunciation and proper sentence construction fails then your English is adequately lacking and there go your chances of landing that top job you have been gunning for. Speaking English can be a lot harder than many think. It entails a lot of mechanics such as knowing meanings to each of the words in every sentence you utter which brings a sudden death to any chances of you being taken any serious as soon as you misplace a particular word.

Don’t expect to come out of this better than the Queen of the United Kingdom but the dosage will buy you some time to go through your interview. English is quite too broad a syllabus to compress into an article. There is however a few tricks to help you get a head start on one of longest journeys you will ever take. So how can you leapfrog the hurdle successfully without wanting to pull out your hair en route?

  • Hit the ground hard

The best advice you will ever get from anyone. If you are anticipating an interview or potential job opportunity and hope not to blow it then you must get a grip on the language. Getting acquainted with the language will do you great favors in future. Give it an hour or so every day and its rhythm will get you in a few years or months if you are a quick learner.

  • Work on your pronunciation

English often sounds so wrong when words are mispronounced. Listen to audio books and find out the exact pronunciations to various.  When you get the correct pronunciations to words then it will get a lot easier to express yourself around others.

  • Speak with confidence

Everyone staggers at his/her infant stage but none gives in completely. This is the very same attitude you should build in yourself as you get to this illustrious journey. Put expression into words around other people and ask them to correct you where you go wrong. Learning English is like learning to ride a bicycle, you don’t learn until you get into practice mode.

  • Challenge yourself

Watch and listen more to English oriented programs on the TV, radio and the internet. With time many words become quite familiar to you and soon enough you learn to formulate a sentence in the language. TV and radio will teach pronunciations as well as sentence construction which will only come in handy as you try to become fluent in speaking English.

  • Know the meaning to big words before using them

This will certainly save you embarrassment when you speak in public. Misconstruction of sentences made of ordinary words is quite forgivable, however use of big words incorrectly isn’t. With the earlier stages of your learning, try avoid words you don’t understand. Words like “meticulous”, “precarious”, “delirious” should be kept away from you vocabulary until you good enough to trek in their vicinity.


With the few tips you should be able to speak English fluently in public and at your work place and further your career with the world’s leading language currency.




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