The power of positive thinking – Tips & tricks

Mindset is the architect of everything you are and certainly the reason you have enjoyed the success you have to this day. Positive thinking is one way to push unconsciously for what you want. Whereas many people doubt the power behind positive thinking, the ones who have kept an open mind have definitely seen it. Positive thinking gives the mind a theme of success, happiness and anticipation of a much better future. Tuning your mind towards a few life goals even when they seem quite likely will give your life a big push in line of success.

Most new books and inspirational preachers directly and indirectly route for it. People have to understand that the world is what it is today because of their thinking. Finding the inner zeal to perform better in school or at work will do wonders in your life. Studies show that athletes that have tried positivity for a change have vastly moved up the rankings and have enjoyed success in their lifetime.

  • How it all works?

The aero-dynamics of thinking positive isn’t all that hard to understand. It all starts as a thought then a vision maps out in your mind of how it all has to go down. The hunger to get it all to happen is what pushes you to work towards taking the necessary steps to get you across the line. Positive thinking tasks you to believing insanely even when the scales don’t favor it.

There is a catch however; you have to do the extra work to get the ball over that line. Don’t sit positively expecting a brighter future with your legs crossed up on the couch. You have to give it a push as well.

  • Watch what you hear!

Positivity is quite dependent on what you hear over and over again around you. It is what we hear our friends, parents, teachers, bosses tell us about our personality. Negative comments about one’s personality from different directions will change one’s perspective of him/her. It is quite unlikely that you won’t get criticism, how you handle it is what matters.

  • What it can do for you?

Do you find your performance at your work place lacking? A little positive thinking could be all you need to get your boss attention. There are some steps that will get you moving in the right direction. Whereas positive thinking is a good venture, lack of direction will certainly hold you back in your work.

Tips to focus your positive thinking towards your career goals:

Set targets to be achieved during a certain duration; Setting targets for oneself, gives one a sense of direction

  1. Put your soul into it; Love what you do and most likely you will do it right.
  2. Find a bigger picture; Jobs can feel like an abyss of boredom given to the main factor being routine. Think of where you desire to be in a future not so far from now and work towards that.
  3. Accept setbacks; nothing comes easy. Expect a few setbacks here and there. Use these as a spring board to get you back on track.




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