Power of law of attraction

The mind is quite a power house and if used properly, it could propel you to whatever future you once imagined. It all comes from the power of attraction. There is a lot one can achieve with the right attitude in one’s pocket. It is true that people are often caught in a cobweb of thoughts given their current stance in life. Negative or positive thoughts always creep into your mind right at that point when you are giving yourself an audit of your life. Checking whether you have checked the most part of that lifetime list can be quite damning for a lot of people especially if one feels that life took a totally different route from that one desired.

The law of attraction refers to the ability of our thoughts attracting things into our lives that we centre in our minds. The truth is we all try to imagine ourselves in a state of mind slightly above our pedigree; could be an expensive car, a bigger house with a swimming pool or a dream company. Whichever your burning desire may be, it can come to reality and you won’t have to wait for Santa’s visit in mid December. It is not about your religious beliefs, national or cultural beliefs, the laws of the universe will always apply to us.

You might not have noticed this but much of your life is what it is due to the thoughts that hang in that mind of yours. Your biggest fears come to reality because your mind channels them into your life. Your mind is simply a vessel of the law of attraction. You can start putting your mind to creative productivity today; minting your own version of a future you would love for yourself down the months or years.

Three simple tips to keep in mind as you partake this amazing journey:

  • Make the law of attraction work for you

The biggest advice you will ever get from anyone in your life is to award time to your thoughts every day. Give yourself some few minutes out of that busy schedule to your mind; it could be on the subway to and from work. I personally do it with a couple of songs, imagining what I would love to get in the coming weeks in my life. It has worked for me and it should for you.

  • Keep it positive at all times

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. Your fears are quite as likely to happen as your ambition. So channel positivity at all times, imagining a better outcome to life at the end of it all. Think of a promotion at your work place rather than losing your job.

  • Keep the fire burning

Sometimes it feels like it is taking a lifetime to get to a certain destination in our lives. For example, if you expected a promotion last year and didn’t get it, don’t lose the hope. Stick to your post and you will have it when all books balance. Your timing isn’t necessarily the right time; just hang in there until it all unfolds in front of you.



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