Meeting the right person, at the right time and at the right place!

Life is often about finding correct values to go with our lives such as time and place. We all have dreams lingering in our heads which creates a big need for the right values if we are ever going to realize any of our dreams. The hardest rock to crack undoubtedly is luck. It involves a lot of factor coordination which can be hard to meet sometimes but is a worthwhile ride when these all fall in place. You might have seen it in the movie how lucky a group of engineering students banking on a project find luck when they meet a multi-millionaire willing to make their project spring to life. Well it doesn’t stop in the movies.

Life is an ever rising tide but finding that right balance can give you great mileage on those dreams. Let us say you have a project or a great idea but lack the money to make it happen, how do you go about this without hitting a dead end?. How do you find the right person, at the right time and at the right place? Mind you all these factors need to sync if you are to hit your target. If you meet the right person at the wrong time then you can kiss your dreams goodbye. It isn’t out-rightly impossible to do so, but there are certain factors to take into consideration before going on this quest.

  • Tips on meeting the right person, at the right time and at the right time.

  1. Make sure the person isn’t occupied or in company; avoid bulldozing your ideas into people. It is a sign of rudeness that will only punch holes in your boat. Get a little creepy if you can’t get an appointment. Wait at the corner restaurant or bar which he/she frequents and wait for that appropriate time when they are all to themselves and then make your move.
  2. Have yourself together; your great opportunity needs to find you ready to take it and one of the ways to ultimately take it is to be ready to take it. Have the necessary documents and statistics to hook that person and get them interested in your project.
  3. Be confident and polite; the world owes you nothing, so avoid taking things for granted at anyone point. Take your manners and confidence with you to make that life changing pitch. Answer all questions posed to you and never leave doubt in the mind of your audience.
  4. Dress appropriately; treat this like you would an interview and find the appropriate shirt and suit to give your audience a feeling of responsibility. Shabbiness will crash your dreams and make life feel quite unfulfilled.
  5. Find the right balance of comfort; don’t go drooling on my first point that you start pitching ideas in bathrooms. The right pitch entails finding the right person at ease with the correct state of mind.




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