How to improve your social skills?

Developing your social skills will only push your personality and career up the ladder. Exhibiting confidence and free communication shows control over mind blogging situations that may come your way, it shows you have it all under control. This is what every employer looks for in his/her workers. Studies show that great composure and communication with colleagues at the work place are one of the common ways to maintain job security. Communication opens you up and gives people a little more insight into the type of person you are. Whether passionate, free or open minded; these qualities cannot be picked off your face.

  • So why are social skills so important?

For any relationship to start there has to be communication at the very beginning. It has to be impressionable and memorable enough for all parties involved before a second meeting is set up. Good communication is a great necessity if the relationship is to live its course.

Socializing is of great benefit because it promotes emotional balance. We all need someone to talk to in our darkest days and in those days which fill our hearts with joy. Studies show that emotional release is one of the ways to keep healthy and live longer.

Quick solution and decision making is another positive to good social skills. We all don’t have the same approach to various puzzles and getting other people’s opinions on the matter will give us varieties of options.

  • The verbal and non-verbal communication

If you want to push your socializing skills up a notch then you need both sides of the coin. People overly don’t understand the relevance of the non-verbal communication. Actions account just as much as words, don’t ever underestimate the power of actions. Try telling someone that you love them with a frown and tell me when they finally believe you. The verbal part is the icing on the cake. Sometimes body language may be a little hard to read then verbal communication would best suit the scenario.

  • How you can improve your social skills?

Finding the right social balance is no easy task but it is like learning to ride a bicycle. It is something that will stick with you the rest of your life.

  1. Be free and comfortable with yourself. Most people tend to fold their arms or cross their legs when in discomfort or feel out-of-place. The first step to good communication is freeing up your body. Sitting comfortably will loosen you up and you might find the confidence you have been looking for.
  2. Eye contact. People perceive this to be an old trick in the book but too much eye contact might spook the person on the other end. Find the balance and move your eyes proportionally without getting utterly distracted.
  3. Practice with closer friends. Find a friend and put the gears into play. Find out what your weaknesses and strengths are and make changes appropriately.
  4. Find experience. There is no better way to improve your social skills like going out more to meet new people. No one is born with good social skills; they grow on you with good practice and exposure.
  5. Kill the silence; Avoid drought of words, it causes awkwardness and simply cuts back the planned time for the conversation.




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