How to reinvent yourself?

Often a time, many people feel like they are living in a bubble. It becomes easy to make a schedule for oneself and before you know it you are living in auto-pilot. It is quite common with the working class as they progress into their 50’s. A sort of fear as one looks back on the past years and sees nothing worth remembering.  It is a feeling of an ever looming failure on one’s part to hit personal targets, one of man’s worst fears.

We all have that bucket list that we keep in the back of our minds of things we want to do before we die or have a passion to chase a dream that we believe was our true calling. However, schedule stands tall making all this quite impossible. Hitting these may require some hefty sacrifices that most people opt to ignore settling for what lies in front of them due to pre-existing constraints such as responsibilities.

Growing up, I heard a story of a woman diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 57, who chose to spend what was left of her life travelling the globe. She re-invented herself in her very last days. That is when it hit me; it is never too late to re-invent one’s life. Statistics show that people in the late stages of life try to “spice-up” their lives to achieve the dreams they once had in their youth. Whereas this isn’t all that a bad idea, it is much better to get a quick hold of life early on.

So how can you get the thrill going?

  • Figure yourself out and re-calibrate your goals

We all dream big in the earliest stages of life but due to natural constraints such as laziness, fear and attitude, our dreams go down the toilet real quick. So self evaluation will give you an idea of the type of person you’re and how you can work around your weaknesses to hit the target. After discovering the true reason you aren’t where you wanted to be in the very first place then you can begin with the first stage. Set yourself new but realistic goals. However one needs to know that learning goals are much more likely to materialize than performance goals. Learning to play soccer doesn’t necessarily mean you will become the best at it.

  • Put in the effort

One of the reasons you find your life so ambiguous to this date is simply because your heart wasn’t in it in the first place. Find the time and fold your shirt and give it your best swing. The first stages may prove to be hard and out of your comfort zone but it later becomes parcel of your schedule. If you love soccer for example, you must take off time to play and train to keep in shape.

  • Expect and accept setbacks

There is one fact of life. Nothing comes easy. You may not hit the target as early as expected or you may take a few steps backwards. Make room for these scenarios, because they are part of progress. Keep positive and stay motivated on this journey.

  • Savor your moment

Try to have fun for as long as you can. It is not a chore because it is something you always wanted to do. It could be a game that you always wanted to do but reality struck and you moved on to something that suited you better at the time. Getting a great feel of it will certainly make all the difference in the world.



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