Body language for Leaders

Leadership is vastly regarded as a calling for only a handful, a notion so wrong in every aspect. And as a result the responsibility has been heaped unto those in positions of power and privilege to make life changing decisions. For many it is much easier to follow than crack one’s skull to piece together a puzzle. It may be the reason why you haven’t pushed for that big promotion at your work place. John Quincy Adams defines a leader as that one whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

The correlation between money and power is quite impeccable; you can’t simply have one without the other. People’s inability to understand this is the very reason they fear leadership but love money which only makes getting money quite the frustrating endeavor.

Leaders are highly regarded due to skill sets that prowl around. Their negotiation skills, problem solving skills, inspirational skills, morale building are some of the few qualities. The fact however is that these are picked over time as one takes on more responsibilities around the work place or within the community. They grow on you and before you know it, you are the leader everyone would love to emulate.

So how can you make the full transformation from the man who runs away from responsibilities to a man the world would certainly miss?

  • Attitude and mindset

Everything great that has ever graced the earth started in the mind of that genius who understood that the mind is the bridge between your dreams and reality. Nothing comes from nothing; it always starts with a small thought/idea. The first step to making those dreams come true is knowing what you exactly want, how you plan to achieve it and finally knowing that nothing is impossible. Check this box and the rest is a piece of cake.

  • Smile more

Being approachable makes you an ultimate option simply because you seem to have it “all together in place”. No one loves a leader who is rattled by the smallest inconvenience. It is true that some situations are quite overwhelming but you have to understand that every problem has its solution and a smile may be a good place to start.

  • Avoid middle ground and move slow

Lukewarm is a terrible description of anyone or anything, define the boundaries that should never be crossed and avoid sensitive subjects that might offend your colleagues such as sexual orientation and your ethnic preferences. These are quite thin lines you mustn’t cross because these are things people will judge you by.

  • Are you a listener?

Best quality of any good leader, people love to feel important and one of the ways to help them feel so is lend them an ear every once in a while. It is simply a sign of compassion and care you may want to exhibit amongst your colleagues. With them knowing that they have someone they can talk to every now and then only gives you good credentials to get their affairs where they want you to.

  • Keep an open minded and ask for advice

Run an open mind and always pick a few ideas from others. Good leaders show a little vulnerability and flexibility in one blend. The basic way is through asking for advice from those you trust and even those who you don’t value as much. It shows that you are flexible and level headed to take help and criticism once in a while. Don’t quash anyone’s idea however dumb it may sound.



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