How to groom my personality?

Inculcate Some Self-awareness

Do you have an attractive voice? Avoid speaking loudly, it really puts people off, because it would sound like you really wish to hear the sound of your own voice! (even if that isn’t true) Cultivate a well-modulated voice. Pay attention to your diction. When you speak to someone, look at the person. Being shifty-eyed or looking away indicates a lack of self-confidence. Avoid too much gesturing with the hands when you talk.

Exude Your Natural Charm

It doesn’t take much to be courteous, well mannered and considerate of others, but you would be surprised how many people are actually otherwise. And, be a good listener. But, what really makes an impact is sincerity. Your manner should not be “put on”. Be interested in what the other person has to say and try not to let your attention wander.

Learn To Laugh At Yourself

What is a sense of humour? It’s not about sarcasm or even wit and it’s definitely NOT about poking fun at others! It’s about being able to laugh at yourself, putting others at ease and making light of a potentially explosive situation (where you may be the one to explode!) It goes a long way in making friends, putting yourself at ease amongst new company. Even if you are shy, you can exude charm in a quiet sort of way. You can always relate to people with a friendly approach. You are bound to get a similar response. It’s a case of action and reaction!

Interact With More People

Do you know why some people have the ability to converse easily? It is just that they have an open mind and a broad outlook. They are observant about the world around them. Reading newspapers, magazines and books helps in broadening the outlook and keeping abreast with the world’s events. (Of course there some who prefer to flaunt their ‘bookish’ wisdom, rather than use it to understand people and the world better, we are not referring to them!). Being well-read definitely helps in starting or participating in a conversation. Don’t be shy to express an opinion even if it is unconventional!

Develop hobbies and interests

Every person has a quality or talent that can be developed. Develop a hobby to provide an interesting dimension to the personality. It also gives a feeling of self worth and confidence. Take pride in being who you are and in your own culture and traditions. Ultimately it’s NOT how you look, but how much you absorb and give of yourself from other people and life that makes the difference.



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