How to play the perfect party host?

Make a list of everything you’ll need. Be organized, and get friends to chip in.

Once you send the invites, either verbally, by email or hard copy, confirm attendance.

Select your menu. If you like cooking, make a dish for appetizers or the main course. It’s a sure way to impress! Make sure to consider the guests who are attending and what would be appropriate to serve. Everything should be hot and ready to go.

Prepare your house for the party. Besides, making look spic ‘n’ span, see that there is enough seating place. Set the table, in such a way that your guests can see across it. Spruce up the ambience with soft lighting, floating candles, flowers and bright curtains.

For entertainment, you could organise some good party games that will get the guests into the mood. For instance instead of musical chairs, you could play musical laps! Truth or Dare is great too. Another idea is to arrange a guitar, and if you or any of your friends can play it have a lively musical session before or after dinner.

Turn a section of your home into the bar. Neatly arrange all the drinks on one side and see that the soft drinks are sufficiently chilled. Keep lots of ice in easy access and if you want to be experimental, arrange for some garnishes! Request your friends to play bartender alternatively. It’s a great way to meet new women (or men)!

Play music according to the mood of the evening and of course the people in attendance. Also you want music that reflects your personality, without being so intrusive that it makes it difficult to engage in conversation. Choose several different background music selections.

Be extra courteous to the ladies and circulate amongst your guests. It’s a good opportunity to network too.

A good host is the first person to greet each guest and the last person they say goodbye to. As guests begin to arrive, offer each one a beverage.

Remember that people are here to have fun, so don’t let anyone feel left out. Make the necessary introductions. After all parties are opportunities for people to mix, meet prospective love interests, do some career hobnobbing and most of all have a blast!



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