To take or to not take – that decision!

Overcome that decision-making mind block

When calamity strikes, people tend to go berserk, ballistic and due to differences in opinion, bilious too! Don’t panic—it’s the quickest route to corporate hell. Instead keep a clear head on your shoulders. You need some attitude re engineering:

  • Accept the problem/emergency as a challenge
  • Don’t be complacent
  • Decide to decide
  • Be creative


How do I make the right choice?

This way or that way, there’s no time to be lost. It’s time to get your act together.

  • The first thing one has to do is, make a list of all the alternatives. Now is the time to let those creative juices flow.
  • Next, match each choice with a list of pros and cons. –Confer with colleagues, get opinions.
  • Now narrow down the options after doing this.
  • Combine intuition with intelligence and knowledge to arrive at a choice.
  • Take that step and never regret it, even it doesn’t quite go the way you envision.
  • Use your action as a learning experience.


How can I ensure that I make the right decision?

The bad news is that there is no guarantee that the outcome of any decision is the right one. That’s the risk you take and a reason why many people freak out when the moment of reckoning arrives. But ask yourself one question. What’s your decision making style?

  • If you have a strong intuition, then stick with that gut feeling. Infuse spontaneity, open-mindedness, into the task.
  • If you are terrified of taking a risk—go with what is already tried and tested. Research previous case histories, and use this as a reference before acting.

Depending on what works for you, define your own decision making style more clearly.


What is timely decision making?

Sometimes decisions fail because they are not made and executed at an opportune moment. For instance if you spot a business opportunity, pursue it immediately, or somebody else will get there first. If your relationship with a client is on the rocks, get it back on track. Another few days and you may lose the account. If an investment isn’t paying off, sell out. If you feel that it’s worth investing in some new technology, upgrade soon, or else somebody else will and make the money, you were supposed to make!

So, What are you waiting for? Act!

Think of the act of decision-making as the real challenge, an opportunity to act spontaneously, a chance to think out-of-the-box. It makes ones professional life more interesting and unpredictable.


Decisions have shaped corporate destinies. Are you shaping yours?



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