Remaining self motivated at the toughest of times

I trust I’m not alone when I say that the fifteen minutes between getting into bed for the night and finally falling asleep is when I suddenly become the most motivated person in the world, and resolve to figure out my purpose in life. I’m sure you do that too.

But then the morning comes, and any residual thoughts from the previous night are drowned out in the hustle and bustle of going about routine business amidst a lot of self doubt and dissatisfaction

However, there are a few simple and straightforward things you can do within your busy schedule in order to make sure you motivate yourself and consciously strive to do the things that were always that one step away.

The major reasons you fail to do things you want to/can do …can be grouped into one of these three categories. Read on,


  1. Get started

How many times has this happened?

You’re talking to someone and they mention the latest fun activity they’re up to, which happens to be something you’ve planned on doing for ages (hitting the gym regularly or going for a healthy jog every morning) but never got round to.

The first step is always the toughest, but what comes after that is worth taking it. So once you’ve thought about something, follow it up with action right away, when you feel most strongly about it. Even a few hours’ delay will push you into the vicious cycle of procrastination and rhetoric late-night inspiration, and that’s all that plan will ever be.

  1. Identify and avoid forced ambitions

The stark reality is that if you do not really want something, you will rarely work towards it with the fullest of your capabilities. In this fiercely competitive world, it’s highly possible that some of your ambitions and goals are those forced down your throat by either your parents (choice of study) or, in later years, your boss.

You may have to do these sometimes, but the ideal thing to do is identify such tasks and avoid taking them up.

Tell your parents you’d rather study another course that you actually feel passionate about, inform your boss that your strengths lie in another project. Doing something you actually want to do is enough to get you pumped up by default.

  1. Reduce any logical constraints

It is perfectly possible that you really want to do something, and you’re prepared to put in proper effort (thus obliterating the above two scenarios), but it’s still out of reach, maybe due to financial or logistical restrictions. Most people in these situations try for a while, then baulk at the sheer enormity of the task and throw in the towel. However, this is when you need to stay focused, keep plugging away and remain optimistic.

Remind yourself frequently that the final reward is worth all the effort, and make a consistent and dogged effort.  Staying organized and sticking to a systematic day to day plan to reduce the gap between what you have and what you want, will slowly but eventually get you past the finishing line.



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