Developing a healthy personality

In the real world, personality is a word that is used quite of times, almost thrown about so casually that it’s quite difficult to comprehend the exact context of its usage or the idea it is meant to represent. Instant impressions are said to last forever, but these do not take into account the exact nuances of the scenario.

For instance, running into someone who’s having a bad day and tends to snap at others or be generally impolite, doesn’t imply that their personality is always that flawed. Salesmen, for their part, might deliberately put on a sweet exterior to make a sale and might not necessarily be that pleasant outside of work.

There is, of course, the issue of subjectivity as well. There are no ‘correct’ personality traits to have in order to appeal universally. Eternally cheerful people appeal to a certain crowd, while there are others who are charmed by quiet and sophisticated intelligence. However, coming to the crux of the point, there do exist certain fundamental positive qualities, such as genuine affability and a sense of humor (among others) that, if cultivated, can make you a fun person to be around as well as providing you with the inner peace and positive vibes that are so crucial to a happy state of mind.

  1. When in Rome…

Yes, it is very important to be yourself, and avoid doing things just because you have to (more on that in the next point), but there are subtle intricacies when this is confused with being socially adaptable. And, good group dynamics is all about these little sacrifices in order to do what the majority of the group wants.

If the group of people you’re hanging out with all want to go see a particular movie you do not like, the former would be pretending that you’ve been waiting ages to see the movie all along. Being adaptable, however, would mean you don’t complain, but tag along to the movie with the others and try to have fun while at it.

  1. Be yourself

Being yourself, and feeling confident in doing so, is a trait very desirable in this age of increasing social and peer insecurities. Curtailing the need to project an image of yourself that you know is not true might be a necessary evil in a few cases, such as during job interviews or the general workplace, where you are expected to imbibe and display certain qualities. However, there’s no reason this should carry over onto your everyday life or among your social circle. Real security such as this can only stem from an immense amount of self confidence, and that can only be a good thing.

  1. Have a sense of humor

A sense of humor is often talked about as a good thing, and that can’t be closer to the truth. People with a good sense of humor tend to be better liked among their circles, and by the world at large. The capability to take, and join in, a joke on yourself again links back to the fact that you’re secure with yourself. Besides, it always helps to see the funny side of things, as it keeps you optimistic and cheery in your everyday life.

  1. Tone down on the hasty judgments

Alright, everyone judges everyone. This is something which is a natural reaction to anything and everything. You hear or see something; the inevitable response is to form an instant conclusion about it. But, it’s important to remember that sometimes, that assessment might be way off the mark. Again, information and actions are always relative, so what you see might not quite be the truth.

Like a wise man once said, ‘Words once spoken cannot be taken back’, so if you’re unhappy with someone or something, make sure you are armed with all sides of the story before tackling someone about it. Over time, this habit will lead to a calm and composed demeanor, the hallmark of a healthy personality.



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