4 Tips to beat the morning rush

Learn how to beat the morning rush by getting up that bit earlier every day…

So, this is something everyone can relate to. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s getting to college or the workplace in time, or keeping a breakfast appointment with a client or a loved one, it invariably seems that the alarm fails to go off in time. It’s either that, or it just seems that there’s plenty to do on just that morning, and the time simply seems to tick faster than usual.

Then comes the hassle of waiting in a long line at the bus stop, or at the gas station if you need to fuel up your vehicle en route. If you happen to be married with kids, that presents an entirely different set of challenges altogether. There’s no time to even sip a hot cup of coffee on the sitting on the balcony. In addition to this, your whole day is ruined from the bad mood that the whole thing puts you in.

But, does it really have to be so hectic? No, of course not. Here are a few simple tips that will help you manage your mornings efficiently.

  1. The mornings start the previous night

Never wait until the morning to carry out the little chores that are holding up your swift departure out of the house. Iron out your clothes ready, make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, pick up anything you need for work the previous evening and have it ready. There is enough stuff to do in the morning without the previous night’s procrastination coming back to haunt you in the last minute as well. So, make a mental note and resolve to take a half hour out of your schedule every evening to attend to these things the previous night.


  1. Allow time to get used to the routine

We all know the drill. You’re supposed to wake up 6 am, but all you end up doing is push the snooze button on a loop before eventually getting up around 8. So, instead of the two hours you figured you were giving yourself to get to work (or wherever), you only get half an hour at most. You’re rushed, and frustrated.

Well, don’t be. Frustration can lead to nothing good, and only serves to impose upon you that the whole thing is fruitless. Instead, take the failings on the chin, and tell yourself that it is going to take time to adjust to a new routine. Eventually, you’re going to start waking earlier and earlier, finally hitting the target time. You can even try a couple of psychological tricks, such as setting the time on your clock a bit earlier, to speed up this process. It’s all in the mind.

  1. Get enough sleep

People often say that they’re just not morning-persons, and will always have trouble waking up early however early they go to bed the previous night. This has got to be a myth. If you’re getting enough sleep and are well rested, you will find yourself waking up that much earlier. There are, after all, a fairly consistent number of hours a person naturally sleeps before awakening on his own accord. And, even if the morning-person myth is indeed true, you’re only giving yourself more sleep and less reason to grumble at the alarm clock if you hit the bed a bit earlier every night.

  1. Avoid breaking your routine

Once you’ve mastered the art of waking up on time to avoid the morning rush, try never to break this habit at any cost. It may be tempting to sleep in for a while on one of those rare days where you don’t have to work, but remind yourself of the effort you put in to get used to this routine. And, now that your body is used to waking up early, you can even use this free time to pursue hobbies such as gardening or simply just enjoy the calm tranquil morning from somewhere other than those boring desks at the workplace.



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