4 tips to maintain work-life equilibrium

Learn how you can juggle the demands of work and personal life with ease…

So, hectic work schedules are the order of the day. Long hours and tight deadlines mean that all you ever get to do after work is go straight home to a hot shower and a meal before you’re forced to go to bed out of sheer exhaustion. This might be tolerable if you’re in your early to mid twenties and on the fast track path of career development. But, it’s an entirely different situation if you have a family waiting for you back home.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you balance your personal life with your office demands. After all, what are a few extra pennies worth if they come at the expense of quality family time, right?

  1. Switch OFF from work when you leave your cubicle

This is absolutely the basic, yet most essential, premise of maintaining the coveted equilibrium. Once you shut down your laptop and rise from your cubicle, resolve not to think or talk work issues anymore. This practice will slowly but surely carry over to your personal time and space, as you slowly cut out the habit of checking work related emails and stuff while you’re home, giving you more time to bond with the family when you’re around them.

You spend 8-10 hours a day entirely focused on your job anyway, so staying free of it for a few hours outside of work will do you a world of good.


  1. Try to prioritize

If you’re part of a large company, chances are there will be a lot of post-office events, meetings or simple team bonding activities. While these are great ways to get to know your colleagues better, they may sometimes cut into the hours you were planning to spend with your family instead. In such cases, learn to prioritize and pick the work related events you can afford to give a miss. Saying ‘No’ now and then will hardly hurt your relationship with your peers, and it will open up more time for you to spend with your family.

  1. Take the occasional day off to surprise your family

So yes, your career is really important, and tardiness or absence in the midst of important projects is definitely not the way to go. However, there will always be a few months during the year when work will be minimal, and you will not burden with rushed deadlines. Take the occasional day off in times like these. You can spend the day at home catching up on your hobbies, or even take a trip to clear your mind off work. You can also try asking your boss to let you work from home occasionally, which may be a win-win situation as perks like these are considered good alternatives to cash incentives by the powers-that-be.

  1. Communicate with your other half frequently

Even on days that you have to work late or stay back in office, call up your spouse or send him/her a quick text talking about all things general. When you’re home, make sure you communicate a lot, and not just about your career. Talking about something exciting that happened at work or your career advancement with your better half is important, but let that not be all and end all of your interaction. Quality communication strengthens personal bonds, and fosters a strong sense of family and affinity, which in turn helps promote better work-life equilibrium.



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